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UPS 757For more than a century, individuals around the world who have mastered the skills of flight and completed a formal pilot training program have been awarded an aviator badge commonly known as pilot wings. These wings are a symbol of a fraternity that extends beyond nationality, culture, race and language to a common aspiration as old as mankind: the dream to fly.

My fascination with collecting the “Pilot Wings of the World” was ignited over 25 years ago as a US Air Force pilot flying the NATO E-3A (AWACS) with aviators of member countries. It simply began with friends exchanging wings. Today as a commercial airline pilot for UPS, my hobby and passion has grown into an evolving compendium, with the ultimate goal of donating the collection to an aviation museum for display as a tribute to the airmen and airwomen who have proudly worn their wings. provides a reference for fellow collectors, pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The database includes photos and information from my collection and compiled from many other sources. The information is organized by categories: airline, military and other pilot wings. Unknown badges are listed in the “Help Identify” section and your feedback is encouraged to help identify these badges. The “Trade or Buy” section has badges from the collection that are available for trade and sale. Please use the “Contact” section for your comments, suggestions, or to express interest in an item. You can also browse through other areas of the site that are devoted to my flying experiences and links to fellow collectors and organizations who share a common interest.

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the friends and crewmembers that have shared their wings, traded badges and provided information to enrich the collection. Your submissions are essential to enhance the collection and the database that will honor the legacy of the flyers who have proudly worn these wings and preserve them for future generations to appreciate.


Thank you,

Jaime Rojo

Captain, UPS Boeing 757 and 767 – Miami
Captain, USAF & NATO E-3A/B/C (AWACS) – 1986-1992
Member, World Airline Historical Society (WAHS)